Linking food intake & depression

Nutritional strategies to prevent depression Feasibility

MooDFOOD Third Integration Meeting

Linking food behavior & depression

Nutritional strategies to prevent depression Effectiveness and sustainability

Nadine Paans – describes her therapeutic role within the project

Raymond Gemen of the European Food Information Council

Current dietary guidelines and nutrition-depression policies in the EU

Alessandra Grasso looked into the sustainability of the dietary pattern within the MooDFOOD trial

MooDFOOD Kremlin Wickramasinghe

Reka Kegyes discusses the dietitian’s perspective on the MooDFOOD project results

Implications for EU citizens and patients

Implications for European and National Health system public policy

MooDFOOD Erik Van der Eycken

Implications for people with obesity

EAAD Implications for Health professionals

EFAD Implications for Dieticians

Introduction to the MooDFOOD Final Workshop

MooDFOOD Final Workshop presentation, J. M. Pullar

MooDFOOD Interactive workshop during the final MooDFOOD Stakeholder Workshop

MooDFOOD webcast – Mary Nicolaou

MooDFOOD webcast – Judith Liddell

MooDFOOD Webcast – Marjolein Visser and Ingeborg Brouwer discuss the MooDFOOD project

MooDFOOD Project Update

MoodFood – Brenda

MoodFood – Ingeborg

MoodFood – Liisa

MoodFood – Marjolein

MoodFood – Miquel Roca

MoodFood – Patricia Boulos


MooDFOOD at ECO2017