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  • January 2018: Project update, conference representation, mindful eating and an interview with MooDFOOD researchers Liisa Lähteenmäki view
  • August 2017: Project update, MooDFOOD consortium meeting, high sugar and mental health research findings, ISNPR conference, findings on dietary patterns from Esther Vermeulen view
  • June 2016: Third consortium meeting, work packages update, GAMIANs role in MooDFOOD view
  • January 2016: MooDFOOD research findings on weight changes in depression and vitamin D, interview with MooDFOOD coordinator Marholein Visser view
  • November 2015: Overview of MooDFOOD consortium members, work packages, social media and publications view
  • July 2015: Consortium overview- University of Iceland, Medical Centre, Aarhus University, MooDFOOD Meeting and project update, advisory overview view