In July 2015, the first participants were introduced to the MooDFOOD study in Germany. Since then, almost 6000 persons have been screened to determine whether they were appropriate candidates to participate in the study; ultimately 1025 were included over four participating countries: 277 participants from Germany, 254 participants from the United Kingdom, 252 participants from Spain, and 242 from the Netherlands.

We are excited to share information with you about baseline characteristics of the 1025 participants. At the start of the study. most participants were female (75%) and Caucasian (95%); these characteristics did not differ between the four countries. The average age of participants was 46. Approximately one out of three participants had a history of depression, though this percentage differed among the four countries, which may have been caused by differences in the process of recruiting volunteers for the study. The average body mass index (BMI) of all participants, calculated as body weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared, was 31 kg/m2. For reference, the threshold BMI for obesity is 30.

October 13th, 2017 the final participant had his/her last MooDFOOD measurement at the research centre. During the past 27 months, the research team has received tremendous interest and cooperation from all of you who have participated in this important study. In addition, the research teams within all four participating countries worked diligently and efficiently — making regular appointments with all of you, providing participants with pill containers, supervising therapy sessions, and collecting all the data required for our research. This data is needed to answer this key question: ‘Will a lifestyle and behavioural coaching programme and/or the daily use of multivitamin and mineral supplements for a period of one year improve mood and lower the risk of experiencing an episode of depression?’

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the project results for the answer to this question. When presenting the design of the MooDFOOD study at national and international meetings, scientific colleagues and health professionals are extremely interested and the first question we often receive is: ‘When will the results of this trial become available?’ The MooDFOOD project team is currently working hard to get all the datasets ready for the upcoming statistical analyses and we expect the answer to our research question in 2018. Certainly you, as a valued participant, will be among the first to be informed when the results become available.