Through scientific collaboration the MooDFOOD project team conducted an extensive research integration process to evaluate available evidence on the impact of food in depression and form evidence based conclusions. This process brought together not only MooDFOOD’s own research findings, but all available evidence on the role of role of food, nutrients, dietary patterns, nutritional supplements, weight loss and food-related behaviours in the prevention and treatment of depression. By applying the criteria established by the Health Council of the Netherlands to evaluate evidence the project team was able to establish conclusions which factored in the strength, availability and quality of evidence.

More Information

  • For the full list of MooDFOOD conclusions download the Scientific Summary here, for a version with full references click here.
  • For a full list of MooDFOODs own published resource click here and for more information on the MooDFOOD prevention trial here.
  • You can also see these conclusions translated into resources for the public, health professionals, researchers and policy makers.