Health Professionals

The MooDFOOD projects findings have important implications for dietitians, general practitioners and psychologists as well as many other health care providers who come into contact with people at risk of depression.

The project developed evidence based conclusions for the role of food groups, nutrients, dietary patterns, nutritional supplements, weight loss and food related behaviours (such as mindful eating) in the prevention and treatment of depression.

These conclusions create new patient advice to help people reduce feelings of depression, and help treat their depression by making healthy dietary changes.

See the health professional handouts below for more information on how you can apply MooDFOODs finding to help empower your patients and clients.

  • Dietitian
  • General Practitioner
  • Psychologist

We also have a handy MooDFOOD poster to help share the results in your workplace, and a patient resource called ‘Eating for Mental Health’ to help guide your patients and clients in making healthy dietary changes to benefit their physical and mental health.

For a full list of MooDFOODs conclusions you can also see the scientific summary.

Important: Presentation with depressive symptoms at primary health care level is a critical time for ensuring patients receive support and are referred to the appropriate mental health care provider. While a healthy dietary pattern can help reduce depressive symptoms, and may help in its treatment – it is not a substitute for appropriate mental health care and medication.

MooDFOOD resources for health professionals are now available